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4 Steps To More Patients

Your job, as a practice, is to convince those prospective patients that YOUR practice is the place to go.  It’s easier said than done, right?  Well, we thought we’d break it down to 4 Steps To More Patients.

Step 1:

Get the attention of more people who are seeking your services (better vision, improve their appearance, etc).   This is done by a myriad of ways.

  • Building your referral network (referring doctors and patients)
  • Building your social and review platforms and posts
  • Advertising
  • Getting out in the community

In all actuality, it should be a combination of ALL of those things.  You have to be where your prospective patients are in order to capture their attention.

Step 2:

Have a compelling message that persuades them to look into your services above all the others.  Once you have captured their attention, you have to have something that makes them want to take another step with your practice.  Your message should give that person a clear direction of what the next step(s) is.  It may just be to read the rest of the ad, go to your website or call to ask questions.

Step 3:

Have a website that convinces them to visit your practice and allows them to schedule their consultation right now, while they are online.  When someone is excited and ready to make that next step, make it easy for them to do RIGHT THEN.  Forcing them to call back during working hours is inconvenient and will reduce the number of consults scheduled.  As we’ve stated before, you have a very limited time to make a good impression on that web visitor.  Make sure your website looks good on a mobile device and allows them to find information easily.

Step 4:

Have a consultation process that persuades at least 80% to have you do their surgery.  If your conversion rates are below 80%, it is in your best interest to find out why.  Why aren’t you able to schedule more procedures?  It could be the overall patient flow.  It could be lack of conversion tools to help your counselor.  It could be lack of sales training and knowledge.  Find out what it is and then make plans to improve.

If you need assistance, Fast Track Marketing can help with all 4 steps.  Contact Brandi Musgrave to learn more.

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