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Ophthalmic Practice – LASIK and Premium IOL

A full service ophthalmology clinic with attention on LASIK and Premium IOL conversions wanted to increase their LASIK surgery numbers while maintaining their current advertising budget and increase their Premium IOL conversions within their cataract patients.

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  • "Bottom line is having Fast Track Marketing visit our practice improved our bottom line! We felt our time and money was so well spent and the conversations, role playing, and team work was so good that we plan to have Cuinn come back to visit our office again."

    Kristen Mozayeni

  • "Fast Track Marketing has brought a level of sophistication and innovation to our marketing and advertising that has really helped us level out our peaks and valleys and weathered the downturn in the economy much better than we would have previously. I appreciate the innovation, commitment and dedication Fast Track has shown our Practice and look forward to more of the same from them in the future."

    Gary Wilson, MD

  • "We’ve found Fast Track to be both competent and flexible in developing and implementing our marketing programs. Their lead generation techniques are highly effective and I really like the way they test the various media and track the results to help us get the best value for our advertising dollar. I recommend them highly."

    Britt A. Buckley, MD

  • "Fast Track is a true “marketing company” in the sense that they view their job as helping us achieve the end result of an increased patient flow and increased profitability. Fast Track’s people are top notch, and very motivated to make recommendations, even if sometimes they’re initially unpopular, in order to help us achieve an optimum end result."

    Paul Wright, MD

  • "Fast Track has demonstrated an ability to manage our rather large advertising budget well by negotiating good arrangements with the media and following up to confirm that the schedule ordered was in fact fulfilled every month. Additionally, Fast Track brought major innovations to our practice through an alliance with the University of Oklahoma athletic department which has proven to be extremely successful."

    Dan Wilson