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Does Your Website Sing the Me, Me, Me Song?

Does your website speak to your prospects?

The personalities of virtually all Americans can be categorized into 4 personality types (personas).

38% are Methodical – Traditional and conservative concern for facts and safety
32% are Spontaneous – the here and now, “I’ll try anything”, confident
15% are Humanistic – cares about feelings and relationships
15% are Competitive/Intuitive – hard edged, skeptical

Each of these personas respond to different types of messaging and have differing hot buttons. Websites hold the attention of their visitors longest if they are speaking to them with messaging that reflects each individual persona.

We have been building websites for practices for over 12 years.  With that, comes a knowledge and understanding of what practice’s potential patients are looking for and how to build the site to give it to them and capture leads at the same time.  To show those results, we put together a case study.

Your website is, in most cases, the first impression of your practice.  With that first impression, you have about 30 seconds to engage that visitor.  Take a moment to analyze your website to ensure it has what it takes to capture their interest and information.  This is something we do for no cost so if you’d like to have us do an analysis of your online presence, set up your one-on-one consultation or call us at 303-731-2634.