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What Makes a Prospect Take Action?

There are millions of elective surgery prospects in the United States, but how do you take those in your area to move forward with your procedure?

An object that is at rest will stay at rest unless a force acts upon it. Newton’s theory applies to elective surgery prospects as well. A practice must provide a force to take that prospect from living their life the way it is and having the procedure. What “forces” does a practice have at its disposal?

In order to have prospects take that initial action of raising their hand and saying “Yes, I am interested,” you must provide low risk calls to action. If your only call to action requires the prospect to make a phone call, you are asking for a large action without applying any force. Instead, consider options that don’t require much effort for the prospect. Things like online self-evaluations and request more information forms will give the patient a low risk way to express interest and give you their contact information. The ability to inquire online keeps the buying power in their hands.

Once a practice has started the object in motion, it must continue that momentum. This is where a competent coordinator comes into play. The coordinator must be able to provide enough force to encourage the patient to take the next action. This “force” is fully explaining the value of the service offered. One simple explanation as to why your prospect should come in for a consultation is so they will know for sure whether the procedure will work for them or not and if it will, what will be the cost for their personalized procedure. They have no reason to continue even thinking about elective procedure as an option if they are not confirmed as being a good candidate.

Additionally, showing the prospect what life would be like after having surgery. Often the prospect does not realize the many inconveniences that are dealt with in their everyday lives, until it is pointed out to them. Keep in mind the prospect has been dealing with these inconveniences their whole life, and they now seem like second nature to them. Once the prospect begins to imagine a life with the procedure completed, they will be much more willing to come in for a consult.

Most patients will not sell themselves on your practice. It is up to you to put that force on the object at rest, and facilitate that momentum. As Newton says; an object in motion will stay in motion unless an opposite force acts upon it. If you would like to discuss these topics or find out more about what Fast Track Marketing can offer your practice, call Brandi Musgrave at 303.731.2634 or email her at