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Top 7 Picks for 2016 Marketing Trends

No one can truly predict what marketing trends will really take off in 2016, but the Fast Track Marketing team has a pretty good idea of what your practice should be focusing on for your New Year marketing strategies. Here are our top 7 picks for 2016 marketing trends:

  1. Mobile, mobile, mobile: Mobile has already overtaken desktop usage. A 2015 study by Salesforce showed that “71% of marketers believe mobile marketing is core to their business.” And eMarketer is predicting that “mobile advertising worldwide will exceed $100 billion in marketing spending.” How is your practice’s mobile presence? Have you adopted a responsive design for your site yet so visitors will have an easy browsing experience? If not, this should be your new priority.
  2. Video, video, video: A study by Animoto showed that “96% of consumers say online videos are helpful when making purchase decisions.” You should be incorporating video education about your services into your website, social presence and advertisements.
  3. Data, data, data: The more you know about your existing patients, the better you can target new patients. Collect as much meaningful data about your patients as possible so you can use that information when making your marketing strategies.
  4. Me, me, me: Taking collected data one step further, personalize your interactions with prospective patients as much as possible to improve your patient experience. This doesn’t just mean including, “Dear Mary,” in your emails…it goes well beyond that. It means providing customized email content to prospects in their unique stage with your practice (investigating, scheduling a consultation, etc.). It means offering a more targeted method on your website to help different prospects navigate the site. It means “personalizing” advertisements. And so much more.
  5. Words, words, words: Content marketing is still important. Your website must be filled (and re-filled) with quality content that is search engine optimized so you rise to the top of search engines for your keywords and keyword phrases.
  6. Social, social, social: Your practice simply must have a strong social media presence. Beyond just having a Facebook page, you need to seek out new opportunities such as generating a plethora of positive online reviews (real ones, not fabricated), utilizing other outlets like Snapchat or Twitter and speaking the millennial language (if that is your target audience).
  7. Music, music, music: Music touches many people on a deep level. More people are seeking new ways to listen to their favorite genre, such as Pandora internet radio. Marketing your practice on these formats is a great way to specifically target listeners with your audio and visual message.

In the words of Billy Idol, you will need to do “More, More, More” with your 2016 marketing if you want to stay ahead of your competition. Let us help you do just that. Contact us today: Brandi Musgrave at 303-447-9192 or