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Tips to Improve How Your Practice Operates

Converting a prospect into a loyal elective surgery patient is all about winning over that person. You cannot leave the consultation process to chance; every consultation should be a “consultative selling” process that is educational, persuasive and inspiring. If your staff has these skills, your surgeries will skyrocket.

If you’ve never looked at your practice’s consultation process in this way, you should register for our upcoming free elective surgery marketing webinar. We will showcase nine training techniques that will help you convince prospects that they want/need your elective surgery options more than they need a new 80” smart TV or a luxury vacation. (If they have thousands to spend, why should they choose you?)

This webinar, led by Brandi Musgrave, Fast Track Marketing’s Business Development Manager, includes sample videos showing the proper ways to interact with prospects during consultations. You will be able to see, in action, how your staff can work around patient objections such as fear, cost and general uncertainty.

You probably put a lot of effort and money getting patient leads; don’t let those potential dollars walk out your door. Learn the skills to nurture your prospects into happy patients who, in turn, spread their positive experiences with others. (More leads!)

Register today for “Optimized Consultation Flow: Don’t Let Dollars Walk Out Your Door” on July 14 at 4:30pm EDT or July 29 at 12:00pm EDT and start improving how your practice operates immediately.