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Tips to Add More Power to Your Consultations

When you provide your patients with a truly positive experience during consultations, you have a greater chance at encouraging them to take the next step (schedule surgery). Our upcoming webinar titled, “Optimized Consultation Flow: Don’t Let Dollars Walk Out Your Door” will discuss changes you can make internally, allowing you to step out of your doctor role and take a serious look at how your patients see you and how your entire team is selling your services during consultations.

The goal of the webinar is to help you optimize your consultation flow so you convert more consults to procedures…and increase your bottom line. Wouldn’t it be great if every patient who came in for a consultation actually scheduled a procedure? If you don’t have an effective consultation flow, one that helps patients understand that your elective surgery service (be it LASIK, a tummy tuck, BOTOX, etc.) will help them feel better about themselves, you will never make that sale. You have to have the tactics in place to work through all of their roadblocks – without coming off as pushy. You also have to prove to patients that your practice is the very best choice. To illustrate these points, we will share sample videos of consultation flow during the webinar.

Register now for “Optimized Consultation Flow: Don’t Let Dollars Walk Out Your Door” on July 14 at 4:30pm EDT or July 29 at 12:00pm EDT. In just 30 minutes you may identify new tactics that you can begin implementing in your practice right away.