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Targeted Marketing Success Starts with Your Database

If your business has had poor results from targeted marketing campaigns, the problem may stem from your data. Maintaining a clean customer or prospect database should be the foundation of your business. The people in your database should be the low-hanging fruit when it comes to qualified leads. However, targeted marketing will only be as successful as your database is clean. You will never have success with marketing to your database if you:

  • Have inaccurate email addresses or physical addresses (for direct mail)
  • Do not follow-through with unsubscribe requests
  • Send the wrong messages to the wrong people

Almost everyone can relate to the frustrations of unsubscribing to email communications, only to continue receiving them. Businesses must remain attentive and act swiftly to unsubscribe requests…or they will most certainly receive poor reviews online.

An ophthalmology practice in Colorado sent out a professionally-designed and well-written direct mail postcard to their database. One family became very upset because the mailer was addressed to one of their deceased relatives. As a past patient of the practice, the family expected the staff to update their records and remove the patient’s name from their database. This negative experience could result in negative publicity – online and word-of-mouth – for the practice.

Power of Segmenting Databases

Taking time to segment your database can be especially effective for delivering marketing messages. For example, people in your database may be in different buying cycles with your company:

  • Expressed interest in your services
  • Scheduled a meeting
  • Made a purchase
  • Never open emails (low interest)

Each of these categories need to receive different types of messaging in order to be successful. With the right segmentation, you will have the ability to send more effective messages (and drip marketing emails) that can ultimately boost your revenue. For those that never open your emails, it may be best to halt messaging entirely or remove them from your database.

It’s All About Relationships

By keeping your practice management software up-to-date, you will have the power to foster the relationships you have with the people in your database. When your database is clean, you’ll have fewer:

  • Undeliverable emails
  • Bounced emails
  • Unhappy recipients

Instead, you may experience a better open rate and ultimately more loyal customers.

To be successful, your internal staff needs to be on board with data integrity and data cleaning. It can seem like tedious work, but remind your staff that the results will be worth it in the end. Everyone will benefit when your revenue gets a boost from regular targeted marketing to your database.

If your business is struggling with database management, please contact Fast Track Marketing’s Director of Business Development, Brandi Musgrave, at (303) 731-2634 or to learn how we can help.