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Ophthalmic Practice- LASIK and IOLS


A full service ophthalmology clinic with attention on LASIK and Premium IOL conversions wanted to increase their LASIK surgery numbers while maintaining their current advertising budget and increase their Premium IOL conversions within their cataract patients.


Fast Track Marketing started by analyzing the statistics the practice provided. Upon further review the cost per lead was double what industry average was experiencing ($200 p/lead) and their conversion rates from lead to consultation and consultation to surgery fell multiple percentage points below the industry average (60% Lead to Consultation and 80% Consultation to Surgery Scheduled). In terms of the marketing budget, 85% of the practice’s money was being spent in traditional mediums (TV and Radio). In surveying cataract surgery patients, nearly half were unaware that there were different lens options.


Fast Track Marketing implemented a multi-tiered marketing and sales program that consisted of:

  1. Created relevant and enticing web based call to action utilities in order to capture more leads from website visitors.
  2. In addition to lead capture utilities, an online consultation scheduler was implemented to immediately convert leads to consultations efficiently.
  3. A new website was built, focusing on the user experience and converting patients. The website was made responsive so prospective patients could engage with the practice no matter what device was being used.
  4. In addition to a new website, SEO was increased. SEO is the top way to gain more eyes on a practice and gain visibility with in a geographic area.
  5. Adjusted the marketing budget to include a better balance between traditional marketing mediums and new digital marketing options. Typically digital marketing options produce leads at a lower cost per lead rate.
  6. On site Sales training was essential in turning around the surgical numbers. Training the surgical coordinator on objection handling techniques and the base principles of medical sales gave them the tools to increase conversions.
  7. Sales training also included Premium IOL conversion training. Educating the surgical coordinator on how to appropriately position premium lenses to the patient and handling the patient objection provided the necessary tools for premium lens upsells.


In the first 6 months LASIK surgical numbers increased by 35% while decreasing the cost per lead to $110. This inevitably led to a much more profitable LASIK department and the ability to add additional surgery days. The premium IOL conversion rate increased, as did patient satisfaction. One thing that was mentioned frequently with post-operative cataract patients was the quality of vision. Patient expectations were set very clearly throughout the process which led to a higher percentage of visual goals being reached.