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No Marketing Plan = Disappointing Marketing Results

It used to be that word-of-mouth advertising and an occasional print ad would do the trick to get patients in the door.

Today patients are savvier; they have access to an amazing amount of information – good information – to help them make important purchase decisions like elective surgery. Simply placing an advertisement that says, “We’re the best!” won’t instill real patient confidence.

Patients want real information that sets you apart from your competition. They still need a bit of a nudge to get them to take the step toward elective surgery. After all, they will be spending a lot of money and will want to be sure they are making the right decision.

In order to grow your practice, you need a solid marketing plan in place…one that takes into consideration specific components of success. We’re not recommending that you double your marketing budget to have more radio ads than your competitor. We’re recommending that you use your current marketing dollars smarter.

If your ideas of marketing your elective surgery practice is running an occasional print ad or sending out the occasional promotional email, you aren’t taking full advantage of the power of marketing.

  • There are more ways than ever to market your practice (there are over 200 social media sites alone!)
  • There are more ways than ever for potential patients to research your practice
  • And there are more marketing messages being pushed to people than ever before (5,000 messages per day!)

You’ve got to break through the clutter of marketing messages already out there and somehow catch the attention of potential patients. It’s possible if you use the right thought processes, planning and tracking.

Marketing your elective surgery practice should not be a one-time event; it should be an ongoing, integral part of your practice. Likewise, there is no ‘magic method’ that works for every elective surgery practice.

Successfully marketing your practice takes practice, planning and plasticity. By ‘plasticity’ we mean you have to be flexible and willing to change when necessary in order to grow.

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