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More Reasons Why e-Newsletters are a Good Vehicle to Drive Patients to Your Doors

In our last email, we talked about the value of e-newsletters for your practice. Here are some additional reasons why incorporating e-newsletters into your marketing strategy will help your practice:

Boost in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You can easily add your newsletters to your website, allowing people to access archived issues. By adding new content to your site every month or every quarter, and incorporating keywords for your specialty, you will give your SEO a boost. This is important to project your practice’s website to the top of search engine results…and keep you there.


The more robust, interesting and informative your newsletter, the better chance it will be shared via social media channels. Content is king! Your newsletter can be shared on emails, Facebook, Twitter or hundreds of other online sounding boards.

Brand Awareness at the Soccer Field

Your prospects and patients use any amount of downtime they can muster up to read emails. There is a good chance you will be building and maintaining your practice’s brand awareness while people read your e-newsletter at the soccer field, at the car wash, in waiting rooms and more. If your content is compelling enough, your articles may be shared with others in these unconventional situations.

Invite Guest Writers

Your newsletter may also be a good opportunity to strengthen vendor relationships. If you have vendors who can contribute articles, without coming off as a sales pitch, invite them to do so. Who knows…you may even learn a new tidbit yourself!

Make Your Practice More Human

Some patients are very intimidated by the prospect of coming into a doctor’s office. The more “personal” you are in your e-newsletter, the more connected those people will be with your staff. This may help to break down some of the barriers that keep people at bay.

Reuse, Renew, Recycle

Your newsletter content doesn’t have to be completely new every single time. You may have old blog posts, old newsletter content, etc., that is still relevant and can be slightly reworked. Sometimes blogs go unread, so this is an opportunity to breathe new life into them. Even if the recipient has read it before, chances are he won’t remember…or he may appreciate the reminders. Sometimes redundancy is a good thing.

Know When to Let Them Go

With every email communication, it is imperative that you give your readers the opportunity to “opt out” of receiving your emails. In fact, it’s the law! Make it easy for your readers to unsubscribe to your e-newsletter with every issue.

If you need help writing or designing an e-newsletter for your practice, contact us today to see how quick and easy it can be!