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Learn 5 Reasons Why DIY Marketing May be Disastrous for Your Practice

Marketing your elective surgery practice should be easy, right? Just run a couple of advertisements in your local newspaper, online, on your local radio or on a well-seen billboard. It actually can be that easy…but that doesn’t mean it will be effective. And it doesn’t mean that you will have flocks of patients racing to your doors.

Willy-nilly marketing simply doesn’t work for the long haul. It may give you a temporary spike in patient leads, but ultimately you will waste thousands of dollars if you don’t have a strategic marketing plan in place.

With Do-It-Yourself Marketing, you may not be making the best use of your marketing budget. You may be making decisions based on:

  • Recommendations from ad sales people
  • Doing the same things your competition is doing
  • Following advice from an article you read
  • Ideas from internal staff

While these decisions may occasionally produce great results, you can’t expect to sustain the growth of your practice without having a solid, yet flexible, marketing foundation holding up your practice.

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