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I’m Searching For An Answer…and I Want It NOW!

That’s the mindset of the average internet user. 75% of US adults go online with queries for just about everything from pizzas to elective surgery. Making sure prospects in your area arrive at your site is a science not an art. But once a visitor does arrive the clock is ticking. You have 5-8 seconds to PROVE that you can supply the answers they need or they simply move on. Effective use of the internet means:

KNOWING what the average prospect wants to learn (SEO)

FOCUSING closely on his needs (hot buttons)

PROVIDING instant access with a minimum of clicks and links

ANSWERING the most important questions up front and with authority

FOLLOWING UP with immediate and appropriate calls to action

Miss on any of these points and you become another fading ripple in the vast sink-or-swim environment of today’s internet.  Ensure you have the best internet presence by having a complimentary assessment.  Schedule yours today.