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How Virtual Consultations Can Fill Your Lead Funnel

With practices across the country having to minimize patient interaction due to COVID-19, many are worried about how to continue engaging with prospective patients and providing value.

Where people previously spent time commuting to and from work, going to sporting events or attending school functions, today they are spending more time at home, online. They have more time on their hands than normal.

Coronavirus won’t dissuade someone from being intrigued about having an elective procedure – it simply moves the target. Prospective patients know they can’t have a procedure now but they have time right now to learn more about procedures and get all of their questions answered. It’s very probable that people will be visiting your website more frequently, learning all there is to know about your practice (and your competitors), procedures, lifestyle benefits, etc.

How are you connecting with those prospects during this pandemic?

Think about having a unique Call to Action (CTA): Virtual Consultation, also known as a Phone Consultation.

What Exactly is a Virtual Consultation?

During a Virtual Consultation, you can walk a prospective patient through a consultation with the exception of candidacy testing. This is a great opportunity to address any questions or concerns that they have. Educate them on your practice, expertise, technology – why they should choose you instead of your competitors. You can discuss the cost variables of the procedure and explain financing options.

Every practices’ Virtual Consultation will be set up a bit differently, depending on what you normally do during a consultation. To get you started, Fast Track Marketing can create web pages for your staff to use during a Virtual Consultation while they are on a conference call with the prospect. Some practices will offer basic information (how the procedure is done, options, testimonials, doctor information, etc.), while others can showcase educational videos during the call as well. 

When the Virtual Consultation is over, the only question that should remain is if that prospect is indeed a candidate for the procedure. Your staff can then schedule them for a Candidacy Exam in 3-4 weeks or whenever you feel the office will be opening again. 

Virtual Consultations will allow you to fill your lead funnel so when you open your doors again, you can bounce back with a somewhat full schedule!

Contact Brandi Musgrave to see how you can make this happen with your practice.  We can help build out your web platform, guide in setting up your screenshare and conference call systems.  We will walk alongside you every step of the way to ensure you are set up for success.

We can help implement the following tools:

  • Online Scheduling for phone or virtual consults
  • Recommend telehealth solutions that practices have recently seen success implementing
  • Virtual Tools that capture leads
  • Drip email follow up system to nurture and educate your prospects (past & present)

Contact Brandi Musgrave to talk through your struggles and let’s brainstorm on how we can help.  

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