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How to Use Bid Management Strategies in Pay-Per-Click Advertising

In one of our last blogs we talked about Google AdWords and how Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising on Google and other search engines can help your practice. One of the keys to success is determining the right keywords to use for your practice. The problem is that you most likely have multiple competitors in your market who are using the same keywords to trigger their PPC ads to appear.

So how do you ensure that your ads get chosen over your competitors?

There are several things that will make your ad shine above the rest. Google uses a process called Ad Rank that is based on several things:

  • The maximum you are willing to pay for each ad clicked (this is the bid and may be lower than what you will actually have to pay)
  • The quality of your ad and landing page
  • The impact of your ad extensions (extra information about your practice)

In this email we are going to discuss bid management strategies.

If you’re new to PPC and are having trouble selecting the proper keywords to bid on, there are a lot of keyword tool builders out there like SEM Rush that allow you to see how frequently the keywords in your market are searched. It also helps you identify the long tail keywords that may not cost as much but will still deliver you a quality lead.

When you learn different types of keyword strategies, you can keep your cost-per-click low while also making those keywords really perform well.  Learn more by visiting this page:

Regardless of which strategy you implement, make sure you regularly review your account to keep track of your bids and monitor which ads are performing the best. Track those results!

These are just a few ideas to help manage your bid strategy. If you need more help, we are here for you. Contact Brandi Musgrave to learn how to start: 303-447-9192 or