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Going Digital with Patient Education

You know that your elective medical procedures can greatly improve your patients’ quality of life and self-confidence. But these words are not enough to sway people to jump right into elective surgeries. Patients need a lot more detailed information to fully understand:

  • The technologies being used
  • What results they can expect
  • Possible side effects or complications
  • Your doctors’ experience
  • Your success rates
  • How much the procedure will cost
  • What types of financing exist

In the past, the only way to provide this information was through printed brochures or flyers. While effective, these were expensive to produce and often became outdated shortly after they were printed.

Today, your website is a good resource for providing information. However, it can be difficult for potential patients to navigate your website to find comprehensive information about a specific procedure.

At Fast Track Marketing we have found that potential patients appreciate having educational materials in a single digital format to review on-the-go, discuss with family members and print out certain sections as needed.

Benefits of Digital Patient Education

Digital materials allow you to:

  • Create any number of procedure-specific or general information brochures, depending on your needs
  • Provide as much detailed information as possible in one comprehensive ebrochure or ebook
  • Incorporate a plethora of eye-catching photos in full color
  • Provide before-and-after photos, if applicable
  • Eliminate the cost of direct mailing brochures to potential patients
  • Send the electronic materials easily in automated follow-up emails
  • Show that your practice is committed to going “green”

If you do not currently have digital education resources for your potential patients, the team at Fast Track Marketing can help you write and design informative and attractive ebrochures.

Watch for a future blog to see samples of actual electronic brochures we have produced for clients.

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