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How An Eyecare Practice Significantly Increased LASIK Numbers in 1 Year

Just as individuals need to mix up their workout regimens avoid hitting a plateau, ophthalmology practices need to mix up their marketing efforts to keep new leads coming in the doors. An ophthalmology practice in Virginia was experiencing this plateau with their LASIK leads, consultations and surgeries.

It’s important to continually track your statistics to know when to make changes in your marketing efforts. With the help of Fast Track Marketing, this practice received comprehensive reports that showed how their numbers had improved since hiring our firm in 2015. But the team at Fast Track knew we could do even better for this client. By constantly updating website content, providing internal staff training to improve conversions, spearheading targeted marketing campaigns and more, we have helped this practice steadily grow year after year.

View the infographic below to see stats on how our team helped this practice increase their LASIK numbers in just 1 year from 2017-2018:

  • Increase LASIK consultations by 20%
  • Increase LASIK surgeries by 14%
  • Increase website leads by 20%
  • Increase organic website searches by 8%
  • Increase website sessions by 18%


Remember: it takes time and commitment to our professionals to get these types of results in just one year. However, by sticking with the proven methods we have at Fast Track Marketing and allowing our team to implement our suggestions for improvements, these types of results can be possible for your practice.

We have had many success stories since we started our marketing firm in 2004. Let our experience work for you, too! Contact Brandi Musgrave at 303-731-2634 or to start the conversation.