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Don’t Be The Lowest Bidder For Elective Procedures

Spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment and hard earned certificates is futile, unless you have enough patients to generate a respectable profit.

So how do you bring those patients in?

You spend money on advertising your practice. If you do it wastefully, you end up hating the sound of the word marketing and/or advertising. If you can do it correctly, your goals can be achieved.

It’s all about Smart Marketing.

Know who your target audience is and then place your tailored messages in front of them.  Those messages need to have the right mix to capture their attention, make them want to learn more and most importantly…get them to take an action with you!

Currently, price is the ONLY way for a person to differentiate one practice from another.  That’s why ‘What do you charge?’ is the most popular question from your callers.

Your job, first and foremost, is to educate your prospective patients.  If you don’t, you may as well drop your prices to match those of the lowest practice.

If you are having issues trying to figure out how to differentiate your practice OR you feel like you are losing patients due to price, give us a call (303-731-2634).