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Add Phone Power to Your Practice’s Super Strengths

Even with the ease and convenience of the internet, the phone is still one of the most powerful components of an elective surgery practice. But just because it’s powerful doesn’t always mean it’s effective. Every staff member who interacts with prospects or patients on the phone needs to have the right phone skills in her arsenal to encourage a person to schedule a consultation or surgery.

What does the “right phone skills” look like? There is no singular answer to this question. It differs from practice-to-practice and person-to-person. However, there are basic skills your staff needs to assess each caller and provide the right information to aid in the decision-making process.

Possible Types of Elective Surgery Callers

Your staff can’t treat every caller exactly the same. Your staff may come into contact with callers who are:

  • Fishing for information about price
  • In the very initial phases of their research
  • Ready to schedule a consultation
  • Convinced that they want to schedule a particular surgery…without having had a consultation first
  • Completely confused about their options
  • Considering elective surgery for the wrong reasons
  • Calling on a whim and aren’t really convinced they want a procedure

Every inbound or outbound phone call has the power to increase your bottom line, but only if your staff has the skills to get to the root of the call and provide the right information to encourage the next steps.

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