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5 Tips to Create A Memorable Patient Experience

A happy patient is a happy referral. Go the extra mile to make their experience with your practice a WOW experience.

Here are 5 easy tips to get you started.

Tip #1:  Make it Personal.

Give a warm welcome whether on the phone or in the office. When it’s their appointment time, walk up to them and greet them by name, introduce yourself and walk with them, not in front of them, back to the exam area.


Tip #2:  Extend Support and Amenities.

Chances are your patient brought someone with them for their procedure. They may be nervous, anxious or simply interested in what is going on. Explain the procedure and answer their questions. Offer them something to drink and free Wi-Fi to make their stay comfortable.

Tip #3:  Exceed Expectations.

You should know every patient, their type of appointment and what their expectations are. Learn how to be responsive to their needs and go beyond what they expect.

Tip #4:  Give Your Staff The Power.

(To make it right, that is.) Give them the power to make something right if you have an unhappy patient. This will shift them from unsatisfied patients to engaged patients that will then go out and talk positively about you.

Tip #5:  Store the Knowledge.

Listen to what people tell you, store it and use it. Keep notes about your patients’ personal lives, things that you can bring up at a later time to help bond you with them. For example, they may have recently gone on a trip with their brother that they haven’t seen for 3 years. Ask how that trip went!

It’s all the little things that make a difference.  Taking time to make sure every one of your patients has a memorable experience is vital to the success of your practice.