The automated email follow-up program is great! Once the patient is in there, it is self-driven. The only thing I have to do is to update it, which takes approximately a minute per patient. The program definitely saves me time in follow up, especially for those window shoppers or people who aren’t quite ready for a consult. We know they will come back to us, even if it is years later because we are consistently in front of them with our emails.

Dana Corley, Marketing

Tidewater Eye Center

I would have never thought our practice could benefit from a targeted email campaign since we have an older practice demographic, but I was sure wrong!

These campaigns have proven to be one of our best, and most measurable tools we have used to help gain awareness and attract new visitors to our website and social media.

We now use targeted emails as part of our regular, ongoing marketing plan.

Thanks Fast-Track for pushing us a little beyond our comfort zone to achieve great results!

Sharon Drake, Administrator

Pennachio Eye

Cuinn has been great to work with and we are so pleased with the direction our site has gone.  We really appreciate your team’s efforts to give us everything we want.  I think we have been demanding but have also tried to be reasonable as well.  The end result though has been worth all of it.  Additionally, I really appreciate the patience you all have shown with us since we embarked on this journey.

Fawn Pernelli, Office Administrator

Eye Institute of South Jersey, P.C.

Without hesitation I can say that our current website that was recently designed and implemented by Fast Track Marketing is the finest we have ever had.  Our new website is crisp and clean, easy to navigate for our patients with an up to date look.  Also, with our old website is was very difficult to make the simplest of changes in which we had to rely on external people to this for us which was expensive and inconvenient.  That has all changed with Fast Track Marketing and their easy training session that allows us to make updates/maintenance quickly  in-house.   I highly recommend Fast Track Marketing as a company for your website and will continue to work with them on future web based project needs and social media solutions.

Jennifer Dent, Marketing Director

Associated Retina Consultants, LTD.

‘We appreciate Fast Track’s timely response and the fact that they are always available. Fast Track also provides in depth analytics that help us guide our marketing decisions.’

Savak Teymoorian, MD

Harvard Eye Associates

I’ve been working with FastTrack Marketing for almost a year now. We couldn’t be more pleased with our website! There are many companies that can build a website but FastTrack/Josh Talkington makes all the difference.  Anyone that has gone through a completely new website knows how much work is involved….A LOT! I probably would have pulled all my hair out had it not been for Josh. He was/is so helpful…all the time, no matter what the problem. You can’t help but smile and laugh when you talk to him. You also know when he says he’s going to get something done for you, he does. Sometimes, I’ve called him several times a week but he never seems to mind. One thing that is a huge plus is when you leave him a message, he calls you back as soon as he can. I can honestly say, there’s nothing more he could be doing that he isn’t already. Thanks, Josh! For all of you that aren’t fortunate enough to be working with Josh, I’m so sorry.

Connie Barkley
Arizona Eye Specialists

We’ve found Fast Track to be both competent and flexible in developing and implementing our marketing programs. Their lead generation techniques are highly effective and I really like the way they test the various media and track the results to help us get the best value for our advertising dollar. I recommend them highly.

Britt Buckley, MD

Buckley Chang Eye Institute

Bottom line is having Fast Track Marketing visit our practice improved our bottom line! We felt our time and money was so well spent and the conversations, role playing, and team work was so good that we plan to have Cuinn come back to visit our office again.

Kristen Mozayeni

Providence Eye

Our patient base has doubled since Fast Track has gotten involved with the marketing.

Dr. Leonard Achiron
Atlanta Vision Center

Fast Track is a true marketing company in the sense that they view their job as helping us achieve the end result of an increased patient flow and increased profitability. Fast Track’s people are top notch, and very motivated to make recommendations, even if sometimes they’re initially unpopular, in order to help us achieve an optimum end result.

Paul Wright, MD

Wright Vision Center

I had been skeptical about trying the EMASS program from Fast Track Marketing since I first heard of it a year ago. Prior to this, I had tried several different programs without success and loss of money. However, I needed to do something to stimulate my LASIK business and could not just stay idle. I started using EMASS only 2 months ago and have started seeing immediate results.

A few potential leads in our database from years ago started contacting us again and some went on to have LASIK surgery. Many patients have started to reply to the emails sent, ask questions, and obtain further information more often then our standard emails we had been sending. They love the graphics and the interactive nature of the emails. This helps us continue to brand our name and in the long run I know patients will return to us when they are ready to have LASIK.

The online scheduler has come in very handy despite my skeptism of if patients will show up to the appointments. Potential patients are using it weekly and actually showing up. We have already performed LASIK on several patients that made their appointments though the online scheduler.

I would say the EMASS program has been an instant success in rekindling old leads, cultivating new leads, making it more easier for patients to communicate with us and branding our name.

Srini Mutyala M.D.
Pannu Laser Vision Institute

I just wanted to send you a note to let you know how impressed I am with Fast Track Marketing as a company, and in particular, the Live Chat feature you offer.  Your team is responsive, helpful, and very pleasant to work with.  They all really came along side me and taught me to use social networking sites resulting in additional patients to the practice, and visibility in the community. And, in the short time we’ve used the Live Chat feature it has generated many serious refractive surgery patient who have already had their surgeries.  It literally paid for itself the first month.

Deborah K. Smith
InVision At Midwest Eye Institute