Protect the most valuable asset in your practice: your staff.

Fast Track Marketing partners with Equalized Productions to bring you this No Touch, No Contact Thermometer. By installing a Temperature-Check Tablet in the entryway of your practice, you can avoid having your staff come into close contact with patients who may have an elevated temperature.

How it Works

Patients entering your facility stand in front of the tablet for just one second. Using infrared technology, the tablet registers the patient’s temperature. Using an active HDMI output, your staff can view the scan results from a safe distance

If the patient’s temperature reading is within your set guidelines, the patient is directed to enter the facility. If the temperature reading is too high, you have the option of asking that patient to reschedule their appointment. The auto-calibrated sensor is very accurate, measuring with a tolerance of +/- 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Purchase Through Fast Track Marketing?

Fast Track Marketing will develop one free email (content, design and distribution) to send to your patient database explaining how the temperature check system will work in your office.

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