What is a Targeted Email Campaign?

This is strategic campaign put together specifically for your practice.  We analyze the area directly surrounding your practice to determine which zip codes, counties, or radius to pull from.  Next, we determine which age range would best fit your target audience.  Making sure your prospects can afford your procedure is important.  Therefore, we narrow the field by only looking at a target household income, say 50k.  Are there any other criteria that fit?  For example, if we are doing a LASIK campaign, we look to only have glasses and contact lens, wearers.  For a cosmetic campaign, they have deemed an interest in cosmetic procedures.  The final list is a rented database of email addresses that fits your strategic campaign to a T.

Why a rented database and not purchased?

We specifically choose to have a rented database for these campaigns.  When you deal with a purchased list, the list provider cannot control how many times the list is sold.  Therefore, if the list is sold multiple times and each one of those purchasers sends out a multitude of emails…your chance of someone opening an email is slim to none.  With a rented list, they control how saturated the list is in each area.  Therefore, your open and click-through rates will be higher.

About the emails:

A campaign of 3 emails is designed for your practice.  Each email will address the concerns that we know your prospects have (Fear & Money).  

They will have easy Next Steps for them to take (and for you to capture lead information for future follow up).

What those next steps are will be determined once we see what you have to offer on your website (you can also choose from tools we have).

The emails are sent once a month.  Frequency is key with marketing to elective surgery prospects.  It takes an average of 8 touches for someone to make a step in your direction.  This includes your website, ads, patients talking, phone calls and yes, emails.


After the emails are sent, you will see a direct increase in your website traffic.

Most practices have seen 800-1000 additional website visits from this campaign.  Those are clicks from your emails to various pages on your website.

A practice in Virginia that has been sending targeted emails for 2 years to a LASIK audience and they now average 22 leads a month directly associated to the targeted emails for a cost per lead of $46.

A Word From Our Clients

I would have never thought our practice could benefit from a targeted email campaign since we have an older practice demographic, but I was sure wrong!

These campaigns have proven to be one of our best, and most measurable tools we have used to help gain awareness and attract new visitors to our website and social media.

We now use targeted emails as part of our regular, ongoing marketing plan.

Thanks Fast-Track for pushing us a little beyond our comfort zone to achieve great results!


Sharon Drake, Administrator

Pennachio Eye

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