Practice Analysis & Strategic Planning

Much like a patient consultation before finding out if surgery is recommended or not, our Comprehensive Practice Analysis & Strategic Planning Program requires that we collect the key elements needed to advise you on the efficiency of your practice and current marketing efforts. Specific data points are covered such as the cost-effectiveness of your advertising, the efficacy of your website and your staff’s conversion ratios on inquiries to consults and consults to surgeries.

The Comprehensive Practice Analysis & Strategic Planning Program consists of 4 Segments:

1. Media and Messaging Analysis: During this segment, we will analyze the current efficiency of your marketing, including such items as:

  • Media you are or have been using
  • Internet analysis (SEO, PPC, Display Ads)
  • Effectiveness of Blogging
  • Online Reputation Analysis (How your prospects perceive you)
  • Social media analysis
  • Event marketing
  • Physician and Patient Referral Programs and Results
  • Effectiveness of Messaging

2. Competitive Analysis: In order to truly grow, you have to know what your competition is doing, how they answer the phones, their online presence and what selling points they are using. We perform the following on 10 of your competitors and compare the results to your practice to locate how you stand out and your areas of weakness:

  • Internet Analysis (SEO & PPC)
  • Website Analysis
  • Secret Shopper Calls

3. Results Tracking & Reporting: It’s important to know how your practice is currently doing in order to set goals or know what you need to do to succeed. This portion of the Analysis will allow us to gather detailed information about where your leads are coming from to determine Cost Per Lead, how your website is performing and what your current conversion rates are (lead to consult and consult to surgery).

Fast Track compares this data with similar data from practices around the country in similarly sized markets and provides the analysis and recommendations back to you. We have data from more than 75 practices and continue to track the key statistics weekly from practices all across the country. This wealth of information puts us in the unique position of being able to advise you that you are spending too much for the results you’re getting or, perhaps you’re right in line with the norm of other practices in similar markets.

4. Onsite Analysis: This is the last phase of the Comprehensive Marketing Analysis & Strategic Plan Program. It is essential for us to know how you operate. That means we will be at your practice analyzing various areas of your practice, such as:

  • Signage, General Appearance and Layout
  • Marketing procedures and skills
  • Phone handling for Elective inquiries
  • Elective surgery patient experience analysis
  • Patient flow for consults, exams, surgery, post operative


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