Marketing Specifically Designed for Elective Surgery

LASIK, Laser Cataract Surgery, KAMRA Inlays and Cosmetic/Aesthetic Services

It has been shown that people can take up to five years thinking about/researching elective surgery options before they are ready to schedule even a consultation. That’s a long time to “work on” converting prospects to patients. But it’s a great opportunity to start positioning your practice as the obvious choice when they are ready to take action.


At Fast Track Marketing we have specialized in elective surgery marketing for 12 years. We’re constantly enhancing and perfecting our methods to help our clients:

  • Create unique messages that speak to your prospects’ hot buttons
  • Utilize the most efficient and cost-effective methods to deliver messages
  • Take advantage of online resources to reach prospects
  • Break those targeted messages through the clutter of other messages
  • Provide a continual stream of educational information to prospects
  • Differentiate their practice from the competition


But we don’t stop there. Once you have a prospect in your doors, you still need the tools to help them overcome their obstacles of fear, cost and time. As you know, it’s all too easy for people to have a consultation and never return!


Our team provides sales and conversion training to help:

  • Identify areas of concern
  • Teach methods to break through hidden objections
  • Streamline your processes
  • Improve your lead-to-consultation and consultation-to-surgery conversion rates


What’s Your Specialty?

Our tried-and-true marketing methods have been highly successful for nearly 80 clients nationwide:

  • LASIK practices
  • Laser and traditional cataract surgery practices
  • KAMRA inlays practices
  • Cosmetic/plastic surgery practices
  • Aesthetic services practices


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