Conventional Marketing Still Works

With the popularity of internet marketing on the rise, you may feel that conventional marketing is a thing of the past. This could not be further from the truth. Television, radio, newspaper and magazines are all viable mediums for your ad campaign (depending on the audience you are hoping to reach).

Traditional media

Your patients still listen to the radio, watch TV and like to have printed marketing materials in their hands to learn about their elective surgery options. The more often they hear your name and see your logo, the more ingrained your practice will become and the more likely they will contact your practice when they are ready to move forward with a medical procedure.

Secure the Best Buy for Radio, TV or Print

Even if you have produced an amazing ad, if your ad isn’t seen or heard by the appropriate audience, it is money wasted.

Negotiating media buying and identifying the most effective placement of your ad can be very confusing.

Fast Track has a team of experts who have extensive experience in negotiating reasonable ad rates while also securing optimal times for your ads. We work closely with media outlets so can stretch your marketing dollars to maximize your investment. We can help you decide where best to place your ad, when best to place it, how often you should place it and which channels your target market tunes into.

Promote Your Practice’s Credibility through TV Advertising

tv advertising

Let’s face it: television ads are impressive. If your elective surgery practice is featured on TV, you will gain a certain amount of credibility with prospective patients.

Of course, your TV spot should be professionally produced and relevant to the viewer.

Fast Track Marketing has the in-house expertise to help you produce effective TV campaigns and help you negotiate media placement. You may not be ready to produce a Super Bowl ad, but you still need to make sure your ad’s message is effective and that it is running in the most appropriate time slots and on the appropriate stations. Our team will research the most cost-effective options for your market.

We have extensive experience with advertising placement and have connections with media houses nationwide.

Radio Works!

Radio advertising can be extremely effective in producing leads for elective surgeryradio advertising
practices. The trick is to develop ads that differentiate you from your competition….especially since so many practices promote similar services and offers.

Fast Track has a team of creative and experienced copywriters who can write innovative radio spots for your practice. In fact, we run literally hundreds of spots for our clients every year.

Once you have decided to pursue radio marketing, you need to decide where and how often you want your ad placed. Negotiating the media placement of your ad can be daunting. Fetching reasonable rates while getting optimal times for your spots can be more difficult than you might imagine. Fast Track’s experience in dealing with media outlets gives us an advantage in knowing how best to negotiate with them. We can help you decide where to place your ad, when to place it, how often you should place it and which channels your target market listens to.

Don’t leave your radio advertising in the hands of radio stations. Let Fast Track develop ads that have your practice’s strength in mind.

Think Outside the “Waves:” Internet Radio

Internet radio stations like Pandora are becoming increasingly popular and can be highly effective in producing qualified leads. Fast Track has a strong relationship with Pandora so we can negotiate lower rates for our clients.

Most internet radio is free. You simply log on to the station, choose songs or genres you like and the site will feed you similar songs. The sites allow you to weed out the songs you don’t like so you end up with a unique radio station that only plays the music you enjoy. You can “design” dozens of stations to fit your moods. The best thing about internet radio is that you can listen to it on your desktop PC, smart phone, tablet, car – wherever.

Advertising on internet radio allows you to hyper-target listeners based on age, gender, lifestyles, hobbies, location – literally hundreds of audience segments. Your short 30-second message temporarily interrupts the music with an audio and static banner image to connect with highly-engaged listeners.

This is not the one-size-fits-all radio advertising of the past! Contact us to learn more.

Hit your Patient’s “Hot Buttons” through Print Advertising

Fast Track Marketing can provide your practice with a variety of custom print materials to educate patients about your services:

1. LASIK/IOL/Cosmetic Brochures
2. In-Office Signage
3. Postcards
4. Pre-Positioning Packs (extensive booklets adn eBooks)

We provide both copywriting and design services so your pieces will look professional and match your practice’s branding.

We can arrange to have these printed through our print houses and delivered to you or you can choose to have the pieces printed locally.

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