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Connect Your Message to Music Lovers: Internet Radio

Traditional radio advertising is more of a one-message-fits-all approach. But today you have the option of hyper-targeted internet radio advertising on stations like Pandora. Fast Track has produced dozens of effective internet radio ads for our elective surgery clients – and negotiated lower rates than they could get on their own.

Why is internet radio so popular? It allows listeners to custom-design their own radio stations with the type of music they enjoy. Best of all it’s free and mobile – anyone can listen to internet radio on their smart phone, tablet, desktop PC, car and more.

Advertising on internet radio allows you to direct your message to listeners based on hundreds of audience segments such as gender, age, hobbies, lifestyles, geographic location, etc. The messages are short 30-second interruptions to the music that is being broadcast to highly-engaged listeners. By including a strong call-to-action in the message and corresponding banner image, you have a great chance at generating quality leads. Contact us to learn more!

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