Free Practice Analysis

If you are serious about significantly increasing the patient flow for your practice, contact us to set up a free Practice Analysis so we can:

  • Evaluate your current situation and review your marketing materials
  • Give you some quick tips to immediately help improve your patient flow
  • Show you how our techniques will directly benefit your practice

We don’t simply write a pretty report and tell you what to do. We are actively involved with our clients every step of the way, especially during the implementation process.

free analysis

Consulting by the Hour

Our team of marketing and consulting experts are on staff to consult with you.  We offer our consulting services both to those with low budgets or like to do everything in-house to those with large expansive practices that need some direction.  It's a great way to start brainstorming about what your practice needs so you can devise a plan to meet your goals (and budget). Our team can help collect stats and make recommendations for marketing, internal training and more.

Let Fast Track Marketing build a consulting program for your practice. Contact us today to see how quick and easy it can be!  Call Brandi at 303.731.2634 or schedule a meeting online.

Training & Staff Support

Over the years Fast Track has observed practices that have very high consultation-to-surgery conversion rates (above 80%) and many others with far lower success rates. We have identified the common denominators of the successful practices and now provide a service to help clients achieve high conversion rates.

We start by observing the patient flow and consultation techniques your practice currently uses. We identify the areas that can be improved and then propose/implement changes.

Sales Management
Effective selling skills and sales techniques are often foreign to personnel within a medical practice, but these are of vital importance when selling elective surgery in a competitive environment. Fast Track’s experienced sales trainers have learned the successful actions used by elective surgery coordinators with high consult conversion rates. We teach these techniques to coordinators through both on-site

and webinar-based sales training sessions that cover:

• Inbound and outbound telephone sales
• How to handle live consultations
• How to break through hidden objections
• Real-life situations


Our Sales Training Programs

Our training programs are designed to meet the needs your practice has, whether it be on the phone, in the consultation process or both.  We have two (2) training programs:

  • 6 Week Phone Training Course
  • Onsite Sales Training Course

Our 6 Week Phone Training Course is broken up into 6 - 1 Hour Sessions.  Each session is dedicated to a specific objective, hot button or issue that we know prospects face.  We will train on how to overcome that objection and role play with your staff to ensure they feel comfortable.  If time allows, we discuss any issues the staff had the previous week and work through those.

Our Onsite Sales Training Course is a 1-2 day intense training session involving the entire office.  Our experienced trainer will observe how the phones and consultations are handled, what the overall patient experience is.  Then, they break the day(s) into sessions of learning, role playing, shadowing and Q&A.

"Bottom line is having Fast Track Marketing visit our practice improved our bottom line! We felt our time and money was so well spent and the conversations, role playing, and team work was so good that we plan to have Cuinn come back to visit our office again."

Kristen Mozayeni, Providence Eye & Laser Specialists

Both of our training programs include reporting for management.  Recorded secret shop calls are available for an additional fee.

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Let Fast Track Marketing build a consulting program for your practice. Contact us today to see how quick and easy it can be!  Call Brandi at 303.731.2634 or schedule a meeting online.

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