Local Business Listing Assistance

Medical Marketing Made Easy: Easily Claim all Local Business Listings

Pain Point

Potential patients search for your practice’s contact information on the internet and either a) can’t find your information or b) find inaccurate information. As a result, they choose your competitors instead. Your local business listings are not optimized or accurate.

What are Local Business Listings?

Think of Local Business Listings as the modern-day form of Yellow Pages. The difference is that your medical practice does not have to pay for these listings; in fact, many of these are automatically populated by search engines. And, while this may sound like a good idea on the surface, it can definitely backfire.

Inaccurate and completely incorrect information about your practice may be floating out in cyberspace right now. And the more incorrect information potential patients find, the more frustrated they will become and the less likely they are to become patients.

Our Easy Solution: LOLA System

Our LOLA System (Local Online Listing Amplification) helps medical practices stay on top of the dozens of local business listings in their geographic area to ensure the information is accurate. (These can change at any time!) We handle the details of securing, managing and optimizing your Local Business Listings so your practice can dominate your market. We handle the details so you can focus on patient care.  

What the LOLA System Does

  • Manage, track and optimize your online listings
  • Broaden search net
  • Accuracy verification for your listings
  • Google My Business sync to give higher search results
  • Claim and manage Yelp listings
  • Duplicate detection and elimination 
  • Listing alerts on inaccurate listing information
  • Review monitoring on the most popular sites

Reporting Capabilities

  • Automated Weekly Tracking Reports
  • Local Traffic Analytics 
  • Local Customer Actions Analytics
  • Local Ranking Analytics 
  • Listing Health Audit
  • Competitive Local Ranking Analysis

If you want to consistently outperform your competitors in online searches for your specialties, contact us to find out how LOLA can make your marketing easier.  

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