Welcome to the QC Kinetix Family!

Congratulations! We are excited to welcome you to the QC Kinetix family. To help you promote your franchise, we have partnered with Fast Track Marketing to provide you with an easy and effective way to boost your online presence. Enrollment in this program is required as part of your franchise agreement.


Social Media Posting Service

  • Setup includes build of the 3 social platforms: Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (or Twitter)
  • Monthly includes 2-3 customized posts per week to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn (or Twitter)
  • All posts are pre-approved by Corporate
  • Any changes to content or posts to be approved by Corporate prior to going live



$350 Monthly per location

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QC Kinetix New Franchisee

If you have any questions about the Social Media Posting Service and/or other ways to market your franchise prior to completing this form, please contact Fast Track Marketing directly:

Brandi Musgrave Director of Business Development

(303) 731-2634brandi@fast-trackmarketing.com

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Custom Content?

Do you have content or posts you would like scheduled on behalf of your franchise location? Fill out the below form. All material must be pre-approved by QC Kinetix Corporate.

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About Fast Track Marketing

Since 2004, Fast Track Marketing has provided over 100 medical-related practices services that generate high-quality leads and convert inquiries into paying patients. The Corporate office of QC Kinetix has worked with Fast Track Marketing since 2019 and has found them to be very responsive and effective, listening to our needs and creating strategies that truly work. They provide a full array of marketing services, including:

Targeted Lead Generation • Reputation Management

Conversion Tools • Patient Education Materials

To learn more or to speak to Fast Track Marketing directly, please contact:

Brandi Musgrave
Director of Business Development

(303) 731-2634

Other Options to Market Your Franchise with Fast Track Marketing

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Marketing Options

Retargeting Website Visitors

$199 Monthly

plus ad budget ($500 starting/mo)
$495 Setup fee

Ads follow your website visitors for up to one month after visiting your website

Social Advertising

$199 Monthly

plus ad budget ($500 starting/mo)
$495 Setup fee

Ads are positioned in front of a select audience in your area on Facebook and Instagram

Google Advertising

$199 Monthly

plus ad budget ($500 starting/mo)
$495 Setup fee

Ads are shown based off of keyword searches and geographic location

Google tends to pull more of the “Now Buyers”

Targeted Email Campaign


for a 3 email campaign

(send 1, 2 or 3/mo)

Emails sent to a targeted demographic and geographic list of 50k recipients Interested in regenerative medicine

Average age 42-70

Income 125k or higher

Can target many medical conditions from spinal injuries to diabetes, cancer and stroke, etc.