Promotional Emails

Medical Marketing Made Easy: Plug and Play Promotional Emails for your Practice

Pain Point

You are struggling to come up with promotional email ideas for your practice.

Our Easy Solution: Plug and Play Promotional Emails

At Fast Track Marketing, we’re constantly coming up with new ways to promote medical services to potential patients and we love sharing those ideas with our clients! We can provide email content promoting things like tax refunds, Flexible Spending Account deadlines, spring allergies, holiday specials, discounts – the options are endless. Whether you are a practice that wants to promote dry eye, cataracts, aesthetic services, dermatology, plastic surgery or any type of medical service, our team of thinkers is ready to be creative on your behalf.

Trust our team of writers and designers to handle the details while you focus on the influx of leads you’ll receive from these emails.

If you want to improve your lead generation through the use of email marketing, contact us to find out how our plug and play promotional emails can make your marketing easier.

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