Medical Marketing Made Easy: Refer Patients Online with HIPAA Compliance

Pain Point

Your current patient referral forms are not HIPAA compliant. Your referrals from other doctors are suffering as a result.

Our Easy Solution: PatientSend

We have developed PatientSend, a patient referral system that makes it easy for other doctors to securely refer patients to your practice.

  1. ODs refer a patient to your practice for specialized treatment through the secure online form.
  2. Your practice receives an email notification that you have a new patient.

Referring doctors can also easily request an update on a referred patient at any time. The higher level Gold Plan also allows you to send the referring doctors a secure and password protected .pdf file of the patient’s treatment information (once treatment is complete).


  • 100% HIPAA-secure
  • Easy to use
  • No login required
  • No passwords required

If you would like to improve your patient referral system, contact us to find out how PatientSend can make your marketing easier.