Virtual Consultation

Medical Marketing Made Easy: Convert Patients from the Comfort of their Own Home

Pain Point

Patients are reluctant to schedule an in-office consultation so you lose out on leads.

Our Easy Solution: Virtual Consultations

We have created an easy online tool, a Virtual Consultation, that allows your patients to upload photos of facial or body areas they would like to enhance. These photos, along with a few other details about their overall health, can be used by your team to send procedure recommendations for those patients. The best part is that the entire process can be done from the privacy of their own homes. Your patients don’t have to travel to your office. All data is kept strictly confidential.

The Virtual Consultation is not a substitute for a face-to-face consultation, but it can be a no-obligation way for potential patients to start their research.

If you want to help your patients take a baby step toward a full consultation, contact us to find out how our Virtual Consultations can make your marketing easier.