Online Scheduling

Medical Marketing Made Easy: Schedule Patients Online

Pain Point

Your staff is overburdened with patient calls to schedule appointments. Many patients call during after hours, making it frustrating for the patient and your staff.

Our Easy Solution: Online Scheduler

Fast Track Marketing has designed an interactive Online Scheduler that we can quickly add to your website to give your prospective patients the power to schedule their own appointments – at their convenience, 24/7. 

Patients have the ability to select appointment times that are most convenient for them, without the hassles of calling in. Your practice chooses the times that can be selected and patients fill in their information and time they desire to come in. You will have complete contact information so you can follow-up if needed.

Benefits of Online Scheduling

  • Your staff allocates the appointment times they want to make available for online scheduling.
  • Your staff can easily increase, decrease or change the appointment times available.
  • Appointments that are scheduled are emailed to your staff with all of the prospect’s information.
  • Staff time is freed up to focus on the patients that are in your office.

If you want to increase your in-office appointments, contact us to find out how our Online Scheduler can make your marketing easier.