On-site Sales Training

Medical Marketing Made Easy: Convert More Patients

Pain Point

You have a lot consultations at your practice, but your staff is unable to convert a large percentage of those consultations into surgeries.

Our Easy Solution: On-site Sales Training

Our On-site Sales Training Course is a 1-2 day intense training session involving the entire office. We start by observing the patient flow and consultation techniques your practice currently uses in order to understand your overall patient experience. We identify the areas that can be improved and then propose/implement changes. We break the day(s) into sessions of learning, role playing, shadowing and Q&A.

The foundation of each on-site or webinar-based sales training session is based on learning effective sales skills and techniques. Our experienced sales trainers have honed the skills used by elective surgery coordinators with high consult conversion rates. Your staff will learn:

  • Inbound and outbound telephone sales
  • How to handle live consultations
  • How to break through hidden objections
  • Real-life situations

“Bottom line is having Fast Track Marketing visit our practice improved our bottom line! We felt our time and money was so well spent and the conversations, role playing, and teamwork was so good that we plan to have Cuinn come back to visit our office again.”

Kristen Mozayeni, Providence Eye & Laser Specialists

If you want to improve your conversion rates, contact us to find out how our On-site Sales Training can make your marketing easier.