Interactive Self-Evaluations

Medical Marketing Made Easy: Convert Your Prospects with Amazing Online Tools

Pain Point

Many people visit your medical website, but you don’t have the right online tools to capture lead information from those who aren’t ready to schedule a consultation.

Our Easy Solution: Online Self-Evaluations

Fast Track Marketing makes it easy to help your website visitors take a baby step toward making a change in their lives with your medical services. We have created a variety of procedure-specific self-evaluations for practices such as:

  • LASIK Self-Evaluation
  • Cataracts/ Premium Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) Self-Evaluation
  • Dry Eye Self-Evaluation
  • Aesthetic Self-Evaluation
  • Plastic Surgery Self-Evaluation



Each self-evaluation consists of essential questions about the person’s current situation and the goals the person wants to achieve. The short, interactive questionnaire will start the thought process on how the procedure could change their lives and may spark some questions about the procedure. Ultimately, it should lead to an increase in consultations.

When the prospect clicks on the Submit button at the end of the evaluation, the questions are scored and a response is automatically populated for them, letting them know if they might be a good candidate for an elective surgery procedure. Their answers and contact information are then emailed over to your coordinator so that your practice can follow-up with that new lead. Adding this interactive tool to your website can differentiate your practice from your competitors.

LASIK & Premium IOLs

While LASIK and cataract surgery are two very different types of procedures performed to improve vision, the self-evaluations could have similar types of questions to determine whether a refractive error, presbyopia or another eye condition is to blame for the vision problems. The person completing the form may believe that LASIK will improve their vision when actually they are more qualified for a different procedure. The self-evaluation will help guide them in the right direction. Questions can be centered around:

  • What vison problems exist currently
  • Goals for vision improvement
  • Current medical issues
  • Age group


Many people are unaware that different options other than BOTOX® exist for facial rejuvenation. By gathering information about what issues the person wants to correct, you can direct them toward the right procedure or combination of procedures. Questions may be designed to gather information about:

  • Bothersome facial imperfections
  • Feelings about appearance
  • How others view their appearance
  • Age group

Plastic Surgery

Advances in plastic surgery mean there are more options than ever for body contouring and facial enhancement. Prospects may enter into the idea of plastic surgery expecting to have one procedure but actually be more suited for a different one. The self-evaluation can start that guidance and education process. Specific plastic surgery self-evaluations can be created for procedures such as tummy tucks, breast augmentation, facelifts, eyelid surgery and more. Questions can be targeted to address:

  • Goals for appearance
  • Issues with face or body
  • Changes in body
  • Previous surgeries
  • Current medical issues
  • Age group

If you want to improve the effectiveness of your website, contact us to find out how our self-evaluations can make your marketing easier.