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Medical Marketing Made Easy: EyeCounsel

Pain Point

Your website has a high bounce rate because you do not have any interactive tools or videos on your site.

Our Easy Solution: EyeCounsel

We’ve created EyeCounsel, an innovative, interactive method to:

  • Attract prospects to your website
  • Educate them about your services
  • Convert them to leads

EyeCounsel takes prospects on an educational journey through a series of slides; some with information, some with videos and others with questions about their vision goals. Help them learn the benefits of your services and start thinking about their own vision or health challenges.

  • LASIK Vision Correction Education
  • Cataracts & Cataract Surgery Education
  • Dry Eye Education


  • Capture valuable lead information
  • Engage prospects with your practice
  • 100% HIPAA-secure

If you would like to include a website tool that is engaging and educational for your visitors, contact us to find out how EyeCounsel can make your marketing easier.