Lead Conversion

Getting people to visit your website or schedule a consultation is only half the battle when it comes to lead conversion.

  • Your website should have compelling reasons for people to stay and ultimately take action. Adding interactive tools to your website will do just that.
  • Potential patents should be reminded about how your services will improve their lives. 
  • Your internal staff should have sales skills to help potential patients overcome their objections to surgery. Staff training can help.

Easy Ways to Improve Lead Conversion

Fast Track Marketing has a proven track record of improving lead conversion for medical practices across the country. We will assess your current conversion rates to use as a benchmark and then identify areas for improvement. We will make recommendations and allow you to choose how you would like to proceed.

Our team can implement every aspect of strategies such as:

  • Interactive tools like 24/7 Live Chat, self-evaluations and online schedulers
  • Downloadable educational information
  • Drip email marketing
  • Sales training
  • And more

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