Who Is Fast Track Marketing?

Fast Track Marketing is a full service marketing agency that develops and implements marketing strategies and programs for any size business. But to call us an an ad agency understates considerably what we actually do for our clients. What makes us different is that we built our platform on the marketing principles and techniques developed by some of the greatest advertising and sales minds in America. Our uniqueness is our ability to take these powerful techniques and tools and implement them to build your practice.

Whether it’s generating leads from the internet or airwaves, teaching your staff how to convert phone inquiries into consults and consults into surgeries or giving you a killer website, we have the breadth, experience and track record to diagnose improvement opportunities, and deliver the results that generate practice profitability.

Fast Track provides the full spectrum of marketing solutions, including:

  • Radio and TV campaigns that make the phone ring
  • Print advertising campaigns that actually generate patients
  • Internet Lead Generation (Watch out for Google Ad Words- can be a bottomless pit)
  • Social Media Marketing Programs that expand your reach
  • Websites that actually generate new patients
  • Patient Educational Tools and Materials
  • Sales Training and Sales Management that results in increased patient conversions
  • Marketing Analysis that tells you specifically what’s broken and how to fix it
  • Patient Referral Programs that make it easy for patients to refer their friends
  • MD Patient Referral Programs
  • Results Tracking and Reporting to Management

Many of these services are available on an Ala Carte basis, but the majority of our clients work with us on a more dedicated level.


Because another key difference between Fast Track and others offering marketing services is that we recognize that our clients are only hiring us because they want to improve the profitability of their practices. That is why our full service agreements are structured to align ourselves with the increased success of your practice. Simply put, we don’t make money unless you make more than you did before hiring us.

It’s often difficult to identify the differences between companies that appear to offer similar services and, most of our website describes the things that we do. We thought it might be helpful for you to also see what we WON’T do if you hire us as your marketing department.