Free Professional Analysis for Ballpoint Communication Group Referrals!


In today’s competitive business environment, marketing is essential for growth.  Even if you aren’t interested in growing you need to be marketing to keep a steady flow of new customers.  Some businesses feel frustrated or question the value of marketing if they aren’t seeing the return from all their effort.

If you are feeling frustrated or would just like to know what more can be done to grow your business, let us do a Free Marketing Analysis.  With our analysis, we will:

  • Evaluate your current situation (web, social, reviews, customer experience, etc)
  • Review your marketing materials (to see what you are currently running and the message)
  • Evaluate marketing reports to determine if you are seeing the results you should
  • Give you some quick tips to immediately help increase your customer’s journey
  • Show you how our techniques will directly benefit your business

We don’t simply write a pretty report and tell you what to do.  You’ll receive an outsider’s perspective on your current approach to marketing and suggestions for improvements.  Everything that we recommend has had proven results with other businesses.

Whether you need to boost your online presence, improve your sales process or master traditional advertising, our proven strategies will increase your leads and, ultimately, increase customers to your business.

About Fast Track Marketing

Your analysis will be performed by Brandi Musgrave who has over 17 years of marketing and consulting experience.  She has helped 100s of businesses understand what is blocking the path to their goals.

If you choose to engage with us, know that you are in good hands.  Our team has over 90 years of combined experience and we are actively involved with our clients every step of the way.  Your business will see the real value in strategic marketing because we offer results tracking.  We can help your business formulate (and implement) a specific plan to generate measurable growth.  The secret is in our cost-effective, results-driven marketing strategies.

We care about the bottom line and will be the first to tell you if one of the marketing tactics you have employed isn’t giving you the results it should.

Call or Text Brandi Musgrave directly at 303-731-2634  to schedule your analysis or book online below!


We’ve found Fast Track to be both competent and flexible in developing and implementing our marketing programs.  Their lead generation techniques are highly effective and I really like the way they test the various media and track the results to help us get the best value for our advertising dollar.  I recommend them highly.”  -Britt Buckley, MD (Skyline Vision Clinic & Laser Center)