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These articles from Administrative Eyecare are reprinted here with permission from the American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA). Please contact Laureen Rowland, ASOA Executive Director, ASOA ( for any further permissions regarding reprint or distribution.


July/Aug 2022 – “10 Ways to Lose a Patient”


March/April 2021 – “Keep, Drop, Add– How Practices Are Shifting Marketing Practices During the Pandemic”

Sept/Oct 2021 – “The Do’s and Don’ts of Text Message Marketing”


Sept/Oct 2020 – “Marketing Advanced Dry Eye Treatments”

May/June 2020 – “Exit Strategies for Retiring Doctors”


March/April 2019 – “The Buffalo Approach to Improving Patient Experience”

July/August 2019 – “Marketing by the Numbers — How Much Should You Allocate?”

Nov/Dec 2019 – “How Videos Can Move Your Practice Up the SEO Chain”


May/June 2018 – “How To Master the Fine Art of Social Schmoozing To Grow Your Practice”

Sept/Oct 2018 – “Conversions– The Untapped Revenue Goldmine”

Nov/Dec 2018 – “Conquering the Consultation Obstacle Course


Jan/Feb 2017 – “3 Types of Awesome Practice Videos”

Nov/Dec 2017 – “6 Traps That Can Ruin Your Website In 8 Seconds— And The Fixes”

May/June 2017 – “Converting Numbers and Charts Into Marketing Action Items”


Jan/Feb 2016 – “Increase Your Referrals by Anticipating Patient Needs”

Mar/Apr 2016 – “Promoting New Physicians In Your Practice and Filling Their Schedules”

Jul/Aug 2016 – “When Traditional Marketing Fails, Step Outside the Box”

Sept/Oct 2016 – “When Mobile-Responsive Websites Are Not Enough, Turn to SEO”


Mar/Apr 2015 – “Spring Cleaning for Success Dust Off Your Bad Habits”

July/Aug 2015 – “Is Email Marketing Dead or Still Kicking?”

Sept/Oct 2015 – “How To Convert “Not Interested” Into “Now Buyers”

Nov/Dec 2015 – “Physician Referrals In A Digital Age”


July/Aug 2014 – “How To Evaluate Your Patients’ Perception of Your Practice”